Larry Di Giovanni/News Bad Apple Pub Owner Jeff Boucher and his daughter, Niki, the general manager, show some of the tables and chairs, 83 seats total, that have been removed from the restaurant to meet social distancing guidelines as dine-in service reopened Thursday.

With less seating, local restaurants reopen

Across Knox County, inside dining service for local restaurants reopened Thursday, their owners and managers acknowledging that while it’s good to be back, two months of closure related to COVID-19 precautions has been a hardship. Adjusting to reduced seating to follow social distancing guidelines is one more cross to bear.

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Graphic courtesy of Mount Vernon City Schools A computer-generated graphic shows the facade of Energy Field House at Mount Vernon High School. The Board of Zoning Appeals approved the size of the sign at its meeting Wednesday.

Field house sign approved despite concerns

Concerns about illumination and size were brought up in a Mount Vernon Board of Zoning Appeals meeting Wednesday that nevertheless saw the approval of two signs for Mount Vernon City School’s new field house.

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