Larry Di Giovanni/News Ohio Bird Sanctuary Executive Director Gail Laux told Saturday’s Earth Day audience that while tiny, at just 6 ounces, Screech owls like Winnie are fearless hunters in the wild and like mice.

Making animal shelters go over big on Earth Day

Wildlife presentations up close and personal, an attempt at a “Zero Waste” event, vendors galore and tables where you could make your own animal shelters — bee hotels, bluebird boxes and bat houses — were just some of the Earth Day offerings Saturday at the Brown Family Environmental Center.

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Russell G. Biggs

Russell G. Biggs, 87, of Mount Vernon, passed away on Feb. 28, 2019, at Knox Community Hospital surrounded by his loving family.

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Light agenda but long meeting for council

City Council will have its lightest agenda in months Monday, but four committee meetings plus five resolutions and an ordinance on the agenda will extend the evening, and a restart of the vacant property registry measure will likely occupy center stage.

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Shellmar Park paving short on funds

Off-season work continues at Hiawatha Water Park. This week, a contractor replaced the caulking in the bottoms of all three pools, Parks Superintendent Dave Carpenter reported, and the bottoms will be painted when dry weather returns.

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Larry Di Giovanni/News Knox County Administrator Jason Booth, left, discusses the advantages of the Guardian inmate wristband tracking system with Deputy Sheriff William Shaffer during the Knox County Commissioners’ Thursday tour of the jail and its recent high-tech advancements.

Inmate wristbands track movement

High technology already exists at the Knox County Jail with a computer-controlled central command and jail management systems, digital video cameras and a new video visitation system for inmates allowing connections with family via the Internet.

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