Interview with Bryce Maners, manager of Ohio Rental.


Bryce Maners

Ohio Rental

Mount Vernon location:

200 Columbus Road

Mount Vernon, OH 43050


Johnstown location:

7658 Johnstown-Alexandria Road

Johnstown, OH 43031


Hours for both locations:

Monday through Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Saturday: 8 a.m. to noon


Question: What is unique about Ohio Rental?

Answer: As far as a rental business, I feel it has to do with our close attention to detail when it comes to customer care and quality of equipment. What I mean about that is, just the little things that we do. All of our equipment, every single time it comes back from any rental, goes through a full service and inspection checklist. It’s a full diagnostic on the fluid levels and functionality of the machine. It helps us ensure that when customers do get machines that they’re ready to go and in perfectly good condition. We also want to educate people on every aspect of the machine that they are renting.

Q: What are some of the products and services that Ohio Rental has to offer?

A: We have a large inventory of items. Last time I checked our item number was up over 6,000, so we have so many different items to choose from. We do everything from party supplies, cotton candy machines, bounces houses, to bulldozers and other heavy equipment. We are all over the place with the variety of equipment that we offer. Our services boil down to renting our quality equipment. We teach people how to operate our equipment.

Q: How has Ohio Rental had an impact on the community?

A: I like to think that we have had a positive impact. I feel like we help people in drastic situations and help people acquire the equipment that they need at an affordable price. Whether it’s renting generators to people during large storms to renting pumps for flooded basements, I’d like to think that people can come to us if they do have an emergency. We try to help by offering the best possible solutions.

Q: How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted your business?

A: It has had an impact, but not overly in a negative way. The impact that we have seen from COVID-19 is we’ve seen a lot more homeowners coming out and doing work. We’ve been able to essentially help teach people and help people with projects at home. On the business side, we haven’t experienced that much of a loss. There has been a bit of a slowdown, but the main thing we’ve seen is more homeowners coming out rather than contractors or larger companies.

Q: What do you see for the future of Ohio Rental?

A: I’m hoping that we can essentially fine-tune what we’ve already got going. We want to make a better system to educate our employees and customers. We want to add more to our YouTube channel and create educational videos so our customers can already be fully educated on the specific piece of equipment that they want to rent before they even rent it. That’s what we want for our future.


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