“I’m looking forward to college football. College and pro football. It’d be great to see, especially in college, the student-athlete and students be able to return to some sort of a normal life with education and sports. I think that would help everyone else too.”

Tom Dole, Howard

“I used to like baseball until the owners and players got foolish quite a few years ago. That’s when I lost interest. I’m looking forward to golf coming back.”

Lyle Smith, Apple Valley

“All of them. Football, baseball, and also swimming. It’s just fun to watch them on TV. We do go to some of the major league ballparks around, even out of state, and it’s fun to visit those.”

Jan Beery, Heath

“Basketball. I’ve always been more of a basketball fan than anything.”

Ron Meharry, Mount Vernon

“Football. It is a favorite sport of mine. My boys all played it, so I like it very much.”

Cherie Moore, Mount Vernon

“I like to watch certain games, like football games and such. I’m not a big sports fanatic. I’ll be honest with you: I don’t think anybody should be going back to doing anything like that right now. It’s just too dangerous. There’s thousands of people dying from this (COVID-19). Nobody cares. I honestly think that nobody should be going back and doing that. It’s not only dangerous for the fans, it’s dangerous for the players. I don’t think anybody should be going back right now.”

Bill Kent, Centerburg

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