CENTERBURG — With 175 individuals tested Monday, drive-thru community testing for COVID-19 at Centerburg High School achieved just about the same number tested previously at the Knox Public Health in Mount Vernon over three days.


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The previous KPH drive-thru testing occurred June 3-5, when 176 people were tested. Two elderly individuals tested positive and were placed in home isolation.

Centerburg’s testing results were surprisingly good given that it rained Monday morning, KPH Spokesperson Pam Palm said Tuesday. Even better, she said, is that test results should be known for most people today because registration, specimen collection from nasal swabs and processing were all done on-site. LabCorp picked up the processed tests following the close of testing at 6 p.m., which had been offered to start at 10 a.m.

“All drive-thru residents will receive a call from a Knox Public Health nurse regarding their testing results,” Palm said. She added those tested included not only Knox County residents but some from Delaware, Franklin and Morrow counties.

KPH will conduct another drive-thru testing opportunity next week, this time in Danville and collaboration with the Ohio National Guard, Palm said. Those details are also expected to be announced today.

Centerburg’s testing differed from community testing at KPH in more ways than one. It was done in one day versus three and LabCorp was on site instead of having results sent to the Ohio Department of Health as was the case in Mount Vernon. The CHS testing also did not require an appointment arranged by phone.

Both testing opportunities were free and did not require that those tested show symptoms, based on the premise that testing could help located asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19.

Palm said unrelated to CHS drive-thru testing was KPH recording another positive case of COVID-19 in a Knox County resident this past weekend, bringing the county’s total to 34. She is a 62-year-old woman from the Butler area that lies within Knox County and was tested at Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights. The case is being attributed to community spread.

As of Tuesday evening, positive case totals in the surrounding counties include: Morrow, 110; Delaware, 439; Licking, 340; Coshocton, 60; Holmes 152; Ashland, 44; and Richland, 280.

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Knox County COVID-19 Positive Cases

Results Age Gender Tested in Details Current Status
3/20 28 Female Franklin Works in Franklin County; Not Hospitalized Recovered
3/23 71 Male Knox Traveled from Florida; Hospitalized at KCH Recovered
3/29 38 Male Licking Works in Franklin County Recovered
3/30 72 Female Franklin Hospitalized at KCH Recovered
4/1 90 Male Florida Hospitalized in Florida Deceased
4/4 42 Male Knox Not Hospitalized Recovered
4/5 72 Female Knox Exposed to a confirmed case in another county Recovered
4/8 28 Male Knox Works in Marion County; Not hospitalized Recovered
4/10 77 Female Knox No Known Exposure Recovered
4/12 22 Female Knox Works in Knox and Franklin County Recovered
4/15 54 Male Knox Works in Marion County Recovered
4/19 37 Female Knox Works in Richland County Recovered
4/21 39 Male Knox Exposure to another confirmed case Recovered
4/22 54 Male Knox Works in Knox County Recovered
4/23 45 Male Knox Healthcare worker in Marion County Recovered
4/29 79 Female Knox Recently returned from Florida Recovered
5/1 58 Male Franklin Works in Franklin County Recovered
5/1 32 Male Knox Works in Franklin County Recovered
5/3 30 Female Knox Works in Licking County Recovered
5/6 56 Female Knox Healthcare worker in Mahoning and Knox County Recovered
5/15 56 Female Franklin Healthcare worker in Franklin County Recovered
5/17 2 Male Franklin Tested at Children’s Hospital; Exposed to positive case Recovered
5/18 53 Male Knox Works in Marion County Recovered
5/28 29 Female Knox Exposed to a positive case Recovered
5/29 63 Male Knox Works in Union County Recovered
6/6 65 Female Knox Tested at KPH drive-thru Recovered
6/7 75 Male Knox Tested at KPH drive-thru Recovered
6/8 31 Male Delaware Healthcare worker in Franklin County Recovered
6/9 72 Male Richland Tested prior to medical procedure Recovered
6/10 74 Male Knox No Known Exposure; Community Spread Recovered
6/10 56 Male Knox Healthcare worker; No Known Exposure Recovered
6/11 31 Male Knox Works in Licking County Recovered
6/14 44 Female Knox Healthcare worker; Works in Ashland County. Home Isolation
6/20 62 Female Cleveland Clinic Exposure contributed to community spread. Home Isolation

SOURCE: Knox Public Health June 24, 2020 @ 10:30 a.m.


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