“With crowds, you have to err on the side of caution. My father died of coronavirus in Florida, so I have a stake in the game”

Gaylen Waddell, Mount Vernon

“I think the virus is all blown out of proportion. I mean, yes there is something going around. You got to use common sense, that’s all. I just don’t think canceling all of our stuff is the right way to go”

Ron Micheals, Mount Vernon

“I think you got to stay home, keep your distance. I won’t go into restaurants, I’ll do carry out. If you mingle, you’re going to get (sick)”

Jerry Deboard, Mount Vernon

“Well, I was kind of confused about it because I know I’m supposed to go on vacation in July and I know that’s happening. So I was concerned why did they stop a lot of the stuff? I thought (the virus) was kind of going down a little bit”

Sierra Clark, Mount Vernon

“Yeah because everyone’s all in one place. Some things are going to have to be forgotten for a while”

Terry Houle, Mount Vernon

“It’s about keeping people safe this year”

Mike Fesler, Howard

* * *


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