MOUNT VERNON — Hospice of Knox County is teaming up with Knox Community Hospital and the Freedom Center to collect donations for homeless people within the community.

The donations will be collected and distributed to the homeless in the form of “blessing bags” that will categorically consist of three groups of items: Items to keep the homeless warm (gloves, scarfs, socks, hats, blankets, underwear, etc.); hygiene products (Kleenex pocket/travel sized, toilet paper, wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste travel sized, etc.), and food items (granola bars, trail mix, beef sticks, packages of chips and crackers, etc.). All of the previously mentioned items have been specifically requested by homeless people in the community and will be distributed by Hospice of Knox County, Knox Community Hospital, and the Freedom Center.

Kathy Wantland has worked at Hospice of Knox County for 19 years this coming December. She serves as the Bereavement Coordinator for Hospice and the purpose of her job is to support individuals and families that have lost loved ones.

“The purpose of the donation drive is to give to the homeless in our community,” said Wantland. “We hope the blessing bags will make a difference to the homeless and that they know that others care about them. We hope to continue to make people aware that there is a need in our community for the homeless.”

The final date for item collection was Nov. 22, but the date has been extended to Nov. 27 in order for an increase in the creation of blessing bags for the homeless in our community who need them.

For more information on the Hospice of Knox County collaboration with Knox Community Hospital and the Freedom Center and the Donation Drive of Knox County for the homeless, contact Kathy Wantland of Hospice (740-397-5188), Adonyah Whipple of the Hospital (740-393-9000), and Melissa Body of the Freedom Center (740-397-2660).


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