“It’s probably my third favorite holiday. I love the food and being with family. How can you go wrong with something like that?”

Meridia Brooks, Mount Vernon

“It rates high because of Thanksgiving food and your family gathering. Family comes first. It’s probably my third or fourth favorite (holiday).”

Allison Milligan, Mount Vernon

“I would say second. First is Christmas, I guess. It’s about food and family.”

Gene Radel, Fredericktown

“You know, every day is Thanksgiving for me because I have so much to be grateful for. So I am going to rate it right there with Christmas.”

Rosalie Pepe, Mount Vernon

“Probably after Christmas. Food and family; all the family comes in.”

Ron McMillen, Mount Vernon

“It’s got to be near the top somewhere, around second or third. It’s all of our family getting together here with us.”

Steve Edgell, Mount Vernon


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