“I have a good family doctor we’ve had for years. We see him twice a year. I don’t think anybody I’ve talked to has had an issue.”

Gary A. Levengood, Mount Vernon

“Yes, I do… We have the Knox Community Hospital and a lot of independent doctors in the area.”

Timothy A. Harris, Mount Vernon

“For me it’s not. Sometimes it’s kind of hard… Sometimes I might not have a ride when I need one.”

Clint Bryant, Centerburg

“I have no trouble finding them. You have cancer, you find them… If you got the flu or cold you might have a problem.”

Dennis Mickley, Mount Vernon

“I know there’s plenty of doctors, so you ought to be able to find one within this area.”

Janice Auten, Fredericktown

“We don’t have a problem finding a doctor here… Sometimes we have to go to Children’s… The Knox Community Hospital doesn’t deal with children as much as they used to do, with ENT and stuff. That’s why I’ve gone to Children’s.”

Ashley Johnson, Mount Vernon


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