“By taking care of the people who have served and honoring them by not making more people serve.”

Heidi Hartley, Mount Vernon

“I do (honor them year-round). I don’t know what everyone else does but if I see someone with a hat, (I say) ‘thank you.’”

W. Fay Ray, Mount Vernon

“I think we’re doing a pretty good job (honoring them) now. I can’t think of anything else.”

Milas Lyerla, Mount Vernon

“Well as a veteran, I think just keeping us ahead of people and able to see what we’ve done is of service for the country. And treating us with respect, I think is the biggest thing.”

George Stadler, Mount Vernon

“When you see a veteran, tell them ‘thank you for your service.”

Mary Elder, Fredericktown

“A little blip in every newspaper that says something about remembering the sacrifices that our veterans make everyday. I think a lot of time people forget that they’re doing stuff every single day.”

Jamie France, Mount Vernon


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