MOUNT VERNON — The city’s jet vac truck had a couple good days before developing problems again.

Utilities Superintendent Mathias Orndorf said Friday that the truck, which has been out for several weeks for repair, ran well for two days but developed issues and has been put on light duty until a city mechanic can fix what’s wrong.

Orndorf said a pressure valve is the likely culprit, and a new part has been ordered. The part should be in next week, when the truck can hopefully be put back into full service, Orndorff said.

The truck’s first order of duty will be to clean ahead of testing in sewer lines. The sewers will be tested for levels of heavy metals and other contaminants. The tests are conducted at three sites on the west end of town, which serve only residential areas.

The tests are used to determine the levels of contaminants from residential customers that are passing through the sewer plant.

The line cleanings are scheduled to take place Wednesday and Thursday of next week. West end residents should keep the lid down on their toilets for both days; as the jet/vac draws water out of the lines, some spray may come back and the water can also rise. Orndorf said it is a good idea to wait to use the toilet if any noise can be heard inside and if the city’s truck is out front.


Josh Worster/News Graphic A proposed route to connect US 36 and Ohio 229 would start at a roundabout on Eastern Star Road, cut across fields and connect to Upper Gilchrist Road via an overpass above New Gambier Road.

Mayor Richard Mavis and City Engineer Brian Ball said the city plans to do a cost estimate for a route connecting US 36 and Ohio 229, despite the owner of the property the road would cross not being interested in selling.

The proposed road would cross fields owned by Swetlic Properties LLC in a J-shaped path. To reach US 36 from 229, traffic would turn onto Eastern Star Road and pick up the new road near the Eastern Star Home entrance, reaching US 36 via a connection to Upper Gilchrist Road. A design developed for the route uses roundabouts on Eastern Star Road, and an overpass would go over New Gambier Road at the point where Upper Gilchrist currently ends.

Ball said the estimates will look at the project in various forms, including a two lane road and a three lane road with a central lane.

Swetlic Properties has told the city they do not want a road going through their land. Ball implied Friday that the city will continue to attempt negotiations with Swetlic.

Ball further stated that police patrols have increased in the area of Newark Road after motorists have been driving around road barriers while construction crews are working in the northbound lane. If problems persist, Ball said he will close the entire road while crews are working, citing safety concerns.

Parks and Buildings and Grounds

Park restrooms have been winterized and shut down for the season, Parks and Buildings and Grounds Superintendent Dave Carpenter said. All park restrooms will be closed for winter, with the exception of public restrooms at the C A & C Depot.

Goose hunts will take place Nov. 15 and Nov. 22 at Ariel-Foundation Park, with 12 hunters participating. The park will be closed from sun-up until 1 p.m. for both hunts.

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