“Unfortunately, for people who live month to month or on fixed incomes, it is unbearable sometimes. It depends on the level of education and your job if you’re able to handle the costs in the housing market.”

Shaunna Vincent, Mount Vernon

“No. I would think housing is going up.”

Alaina Doup, Mount Vernon

“No, I do not. We’ve lost a lot of factories in this town and it’s cutting (income) down.”

Robert Harter, Mount Vernon

“My income is keeping up with my housing because I’m on a fixed income. The young people, though, I’m not so sure.”

John VanHouten, Howard

“It’s not too bad. As far as what I pay, it’s a good deal. It depends on where you want to live and where you work.”

Chris Hamilton, Marengo

“No…income is too low.”

Jacqueline Albaugh, Fredericktown


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