“I don’t care for them, but I think they’re a good use of acreage and a good way to keep traffic moving.”

Joan Jones, Apple Valley

“I think so.”

Brian Dunbar, Arcadia, California

“No. They’re aggravation and they take too long to build. It takes two weeks to get a traffic light but it takes six months to build a roundabout.”

Greg Webb, Wooster

“No. Basically, my experience with roundabouts and intersections is intersections are easier to navigate.”

Mike Niehoff, Mount Vernon

“I would say it is a viable option. Public Square (in Mount Vernon) is a roundabout and it seems to work well.”

Susan Givens, Gambier

“I suppose so, if properly researched and proven to make a difference in the local traffic. I think everyone should have a chance to comment on it.”

Eva Clendenen, Danville


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