Joshua Morrison/News Excavation under Hamtramck Street in Mount Vernon for street repairs found old water lines that needed to be replaced. The water line work has pushed the timeline for the project back for at least a few more days.

Joshua Morrison/Mount Vernon News

Excavation under Hamtramck Street in Mount Vernon for street repairs found old water lines that needed to be replaced. The water line work has pushed the timeline for the project back for at least a few more days.
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MOUNT VERNON — Construction on Hamtramck Street will continue for at least a few more days next week.

Mount Vernon Street Superintendent Tom Hinkle said Friday that work on a water line under a rutted area of the road held off work on a temporary rehab of the brick street. Hinkle had hoped to finish the work this week.

Utilities Superintendent Mathias Orndorf said four galvanized steel service lines running to the waterline are being replaced. The city is taking out galvanized lines whenever they find them and replacing them with copper, because the galvanized lines tend to corrode and fail.

Orndorf said it is better to replace the service lines now, rather than wait until they fail and tear up the work that is being done now.

The street project will correct ruts that have become so deep cars are bottoming out driving by and leaving driveways. Rather than return the bricks, the city will put in a concrete surface. The bricks will be stored at the street garage until the street can receive a complete rehab, scheduled to occur within the next few years.

The street will be open, with traffic traveling in the area that is used for on-street parking. To keep the lane open, on-street parking will not be permitted.

Green light times have been extended for South Main Street/Columbus Road at the viaduct. Hinkle said that the two lights have been set to the maximum green time – 45 seconds for Main Street and 28 seconds for Columbus Road — during the hours of 6:30 – 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 – 5 p.m.

The change was made to improve traffic congestion due to construction on other roads. The construction is causing drivers to take South Main and Columbus as alternate routes.

Hinkle said that while more cars are moving through each green cycle, the other lanes have had to wait that much longer.

A foundation for a new traffic mast arm was set at the corner of Gambier and South Main. The mast arm will go up close to the fountain project at the corner, and Hinkle wanted to have the foundation in before the fountain is completed. Otherwise, the city would have to disturb some of the fountain’s completed work.

The mast arm is on order and is expected to be received in December, Hinkle said.


A layer of topsoil that was covered over during the construction of Mount Vernon Middle School will have to be dug out as the base for Yellow Jacket Drive goes in, City Engineer Brian Ball said.

The topsoil was covered over with soils displaced during construction. To get a proper base, the topsoil must be removed and the subsoil compacted.

The Newark Road piece of the Newark Road/Dixie Drive waterline project has been completed and the lines are being tested, Ball said. The project will turn down Dixie Drive in two to three weeks, Ball said, being held up due to the pipe not being delivered yet.

Installation of meter pits will begin soon on the Newark Road line. Water customers tapping in are required to handle the connection from the meter to their homes.

Parks and Buildings and Grounds

Controlled goose hunts at Ariel-Foundation Park netted 54 geese. The hunts were held Tuesday and Friday, and Parks Superintendent Dave Carpenter is looking into the possibility of two more hunts this season.

Carpenter further reported that work is underway on the parking lot upgrade near Harmony Playground at Memorial Park. Knox County Career Center students are putting in a concrete lot over an existing gravel lot on the south side of the park drive, and a new gravel lot will be created on the north side. Concrete was poured for the lot on Wednesday, Carpenter said.

A base of asphalt grindings is being put down for a 50 by 100 feet parking lot at Shellmar Park. The lot is scheduled to receive an asphalt coat next year.

The park is in the construction stages and is part of the old American National Can factory campus.


Orndorf reported there are four water leaks that crews will be out fixing next week.

Top priority is a main on New Gambier Road. A leak on James Street was caused after a fire hydrant was hit, and a valve is leaking on Lamartine. A problem with a line on Sunset Street was discovered Friday afternoon.


Mayor Richard Mavis said the city has clarified the definition of ‘non-subscription service’ in the ordinances for trash haulers operating in the city. The definition means that recycling and trash service are one package and must be charged together at one rate.

Mavis said that some haulers charge separately for recycling.

Mavis further said the Dan Emmett Festival Committee met recently with the city to look at the best possible use of the space available to them. The meeting was to gather information for future festivals.

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