Joshua Morrison/News Danville Municipal Building.

Joshua Morrison/News
Danville Municipal Building.

DANVILLE — Dan Weckesser, police chief of Danville, brought the idea of job site pods to the council as an alternative site for the police station, water station and village clerk’s office.

The pods would come from Sommer’s Mobile Leasing, Inc. and would offer a place of relief to the employees who are getting sick from the mysterious odor that has been plaguing the municipal building. Weckesser explained that the company would come in and connect the pods with Internet and phone lines through the village’s networks. The village would need to connect the pods with sewage and water.

Weckesser raised his concerns that something is wrong no matter how the results come back because people are still experiencing symptoms.

Mayor Bob Dile stated that the pods could be an alternative solution if the need arises. This last test, he said, satisfies OSHA and EPA requirements due to the long term nature of the test.

“If the longer-term test comes back with the same or elevated levels, it will be a cause of concern the information of the pods gives us an option,” Dile said.

Nate Hoam from Chem Tech has been compiling the history of the building and will give the test results along with his recommendation of how the council should move forward. Dile said that the results should be in by October. Following the recommendation and results given by Hoam at that time, the council will have a plan of action in place.

In other business, the council called for an emergency vote to amend the salaries ordinance to add a salary for interim village administrator of $37,440. The ordinance was passed.

Council called for another emergency vote for Resolution 2019-15 which accepts the amounts and rates determined by the Budget Commissions and authorizing the necessary tax levies to give to the County Auditor. The council passed the resolution.

Lisa Lyons, zoning officer, has slowly been picking up where things left off after the passing of Rob McDonald.

Weckesser said that he and Lyons are getting on top of zoning and ordinances issues occurring in the village and will be looking into the best ways to handle the problems and issues as they occur.

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