Joshua Morrison/News The winners of the 2019 Little Miss Tomato are, from left: Adin Dice, third runner-up; Evelyn Hunter, first runner-up; Claire Sheriff, 2019 Little Miss Tomato; and Kaylor Mills, second runner-up.

Joshua Morrison/Mount Vernon News

The winners of the 2019 Little Miss Tomato are, from left: Adin Dice, third runner-up; Evelyn Hunter, first runner-up; Claire Sheriff, 2019 Little Miss Tomato; and Kaylor Mills, second runner-up.


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FREDERICKTOWN — Little Miss Tomato had their 43rd annual competition showcasing the talents of 21 local girls Wednesday at the Fredericktown Tomato Show. Claire Sheriff took the title of 2019 Little Miss Tomato.

Sheriff said that she had fun doing the competition and that she didn’t think she would be the winner.

“It was really fun to be up there with friends and do it with friends,” she said.

During the interview with emcee Misty Curry, she told a story on how her sister helped pull out one of her three missing teeth which involved “twisting and pulling until it popped out,” Sheriff said.

She told another story about the time a bear almost ate the salmon she and her family was grilling up. She said that they were outside, she was seasoning the salmon, when her sister shouted bear and ran inside. They saved the salmon in the end.

When she pulled her question from the question box, which was “What do you want to be when you grow up?” she said she had no idea.

Evelyn Hunter took first place runner up. During her interview, she talked about how for the past two years she had been crowned Little Miss Poppy.

“You ask, well, beg people to buy poppies for a dollar for veterans in need,” she explained to Curry about what was involved with gaining that title.

She answered her question, “What would you sell if you had a store?” with “all types of American Girl Dolls.” Hunter said she had fun doing the competition.

“I didn’t think I would get this far,” she said about winning first runner-up.

Kaylor Mills received the second runner-up trophy and was lucky enough to wear her mother’s wedding jewelry for the show.

“I’ve always wanted to wear them,” she told Curry before explaining how they were lost before being found that day.

She talked about her dog, a mix between a Chihuahua and her brother call a chiwiener. Mills said he looks funny but is cute and likes to chew on her high heels. Between going to Myrtle Beach and the woods for vacation, she said she liked the woods better because “the water’s too sour and gets in my eyes.”

“My BFF (Sheriff) came in first and I’m excited for her,” Mills said afterwards. “And I think I beat my brother for sitting down the longest.”

Aiden Dice won the third runner-up award. Dice, who has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, likes to ride bikes with her sister and go swimming in the summer at her dad’s house.

“My mom took me and my sister to see animals at Zoombezi(at the Columbus Zoo),” She said about what she did for fun over the summer. She said her favorite animal at the zoo was the monkeys because “it’s my nickname.”

When it was her turn to answer from the question box, she pulled “What do you like best about your mom?”

“I like when she takes me to her house to see the baby kittens,” she answered, adding that she got to name them.

Afterwards, she said she was excited about doing the competition and had a good time.

Contestants, who all attended Fredericktown schools, were judged in the interview on poise and appearance by out of town judges.

Other contestants of the competition included: Ryleigh Canterbury, Sophia Workman, Adalie Hollar, Braylin Kandel, Sophia Garver, Makenna Rine, Fayth Ward, Adaire Smith, Livian Ewers, Reaghan Snow, Addison Edwards, Peyton Burnside, Sadie Watson, Savanna Selby, Peyton Farlee, Remington D’Andrea, and Julia Swartzentruber.

All participants received a goodie bag and a tinsel ribbon crown. They are encouraged to walk in today’s Kids’ and Critters Parade and will have the opportunity to ride on a customized float in Saturday’s parade.

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