“Absolutely. I attended North Morrow High School in Morrow County, and we always started a week after the Morrow County Fair, the first week in September. It really gave us time to get back into school and have a week off to do that.”

Kylee Keller, Mount Gilead

“No I don’t because they need a whole school year of education and if they need snow days that is days off they’re taking. They need to somehow make up for that. That’s why they start early.”

Harry Browning, Howard

“Yeah I think it starts too early. Back when I went to school it started the first day after Labor Day. I think the kids would agree with that.”

Dick Porter, Mount Vernon

“Well, I think the reason they did it is they didn’t want the football teams playing in the snow in December. I don’t like it. It robs the kids of their summer vacation time. I don’t know if their aim is to go have school year-round or what they’re doing.”

Dean Henthorn, Pleasant Township

“Oh, I don’t see anything wrong with it. I think it’s OK. This way it gets the children back into learning and keeps them off the street. — Shirley Porter, Mount Vernon

“No I don’t think it’s starting too early. They need to go year-round.”

Dianna Rhinebolt, Mount Vernon


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