“I don’t think that I think it’s a great idea, but I don’t know that I’d be opposed to it either. I actually hadn’t heard of it until now.” -— Sherrisa Wengerd, Apple Valley

“People better be on their best behavior and not overdo it.”

Joe Owens, Mount Vernon

“To each his own…As long as they maintain it and keep the kids out and ID people. I think it’ll draw more of the older folks in.”

Susan Roberts, Mount Vernon

“I think it’s fabulous. It brings more of a crowd in. It’s responsible people, usually, that come to a beer garden, not people who want to get drunk, they’ll just go to the bar.”

Tara Simcox, Mount Vernon

“I don’t highly recommend it. Because a lot of them get drunk and they go out in their cars and create accidents.”

Nancy Conkle, Mount Vernon

“I don’t really care. I think if it helps the fair bottom line, and they put it back into some positive thing for the fair, not just throwing it into the general thing, no problem.”

Doug McClarnan, Mount Vernon


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