“Yeah. I know banks are foreclosing on houses and stuff, what about (trying to find one) of those?”

Rebecca Sekavec, Fredericktown

“I have a daughter who has Down syndrome and this is personal for me…. I think it would be difficult for (those with disabilities) to change buildings. If it’s not something that they have to do, it would be unfair to the population group. I feel like we can come up with a different solution. Hopefully, they are inviting stakeholders to the table… helping to make these decisions. Commissioners should absolutely help (if they have to move).”

Eva Clendenen, Danville

“No, why can’t they stay where they are?”

Sandy Smith, Mount Vernon

“I think it would be nice if they could but I don’t know if they are responsible.”

Nina Boucher, Mount Vernon

“Yeah. They should try and help them find a new place.”

Matt Murphy, Mount Vernon

“I don’t know. Morally, yeah. Since it is a viable thing for the community, that (helping NHI find a new home) would be the second thing on (the Commissioners) list but I’m sure it’s not.”

Sean Foster, Mount Vernon


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