“No, not at all. I’m still going to go where I need to go, I’m not happy about it, but no, no problem.”

Kathy Yarman, Gambier

“Well, I’ve already decided I’m not going to be (driving). I’ll take MOTA (KAT), it’s a lot cheaper. They get me there and get me back.”

Dean Barnett, Columbus

“I probably won’t be affected by it, but I think it’s really unfortunate, I’m sure it will affect a lot of people.”

Greta Cornell, Gambier

“It won’t. I go where I have to go.”

Sue Mizer, Fredericktown

“I try to drive as little as possible, except for going to work, so anytime gas goes up, I drive as little as I can.”

Mickey Shire, Mount Vernon

“No, I have to drive regardless.”

Zach Rayburn, Gambier


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