“Honestly, it might have, with days going swimming or going to a park”

Hayden Lingel, Mount Vernon

“Oh yes, for sure. Mostly working in my garden, being able to plant and getting ready for the season of harvesting. I feel like its gonna be delayed a little bit.”

Ashley Becker, Sunbury

Not at all.”

Pauline Johnson, Zanesville

“Yeah, its kept me from getting my patio done. We’re trying to put in a new patio and we can’t put it down when it’s raining every day.”

Sharon Hornung, Lawrenceburg, Indiana

“No…but the biggest concern I have is for the farmers. How its affected them. Are they getting their crops in and if they did, is it saturating them or are they germinating?”

Loren Steady, Mount Vernon

“Yeah, and personally I have root rot. You get this weird smell of mildew.”

Suzanne Gowans, Cincinnati


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