“There’s so many of them that I really couldn’t name one, well, I just lost my step-dad an hour ago, he served in the military, the Army. But I’ve lost six friends that all fought in the Vietnam War just in the last two years, so it’s kind of hard to narrow it down to one. They all served, and you gotta be proud of them.”

Bob Burger, Mount Vernon

“I have two uncles that were in the service, one that was in the Army and one that was in the Air Force, so I just try to remember them.”

Amber Harden, Mount Vernon

“There’s so many different people, and I’ve worked with so many people that are veterans as well, and I know it’s a little different, but there’s just so many that I can’t pick one. We haven’t (lost one), a lot of them have served, but they’ve all been lucky enough to come home. They really did make the ultimate sacrifice by what they did regardless, even if they came home, it was still, I mean, they say war is hell, and I’m sure it was not a good experience for any of them that were over there.

Doug Peach, Mount Vernon

“My uncle is a veteran, but he wasn’t killed in action. He did one tour in Iraq for two years as a Marine, I was younger, so it was sometime in the 2000s.”

Graham Parsley, Granville

“I’ve had several uncles that were in the service, so all of them. (They were in) every one of them, the Army, Navy, Marines. They’re missed.”

Bob Durbin, Mount Vernon

“All of the people that I know, they didn’t lose their life in battle, but they still served, and I have a lot of family members that did serve. …But of course it’s my dad, he served in the Korean War, so he was in the Army. I know he never talked about it until he was interviewed by our older son and his friend for the Library of Congress, and someday I want to get that interview, that video. I get all emotional just talking about it.”

Brenda Stafford, Mount Vernon

“My grandfather served in World War I, I had two uncles that served in World War II, and I’m a veteran. My grandfather was a Marine, my uncles, one was a Marine, one was in the Army. Let’s see, let me get it right, my uncle that was in the Marine Corps served in North Africa, my uncle that was in the Army was in the Battle of the Bulge, me, I never left the states, and I was in the Navy. My one uncle, I didn’t know that well, he passed when I was three or four. My grandfather and my uncle I miss.”

Louise Mullet, Mount Vernon


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