MOUNT VERNON — There will be a large event on the weekend scheduled for the Dan Emmett Festival, though the name and location of the event have yet to determined, Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Mavis said Friday.

During the weekly meeting with the News and city officials, Mavis said a “group of people made up of prior volunteers and committee chairs” met Thursday to discuss putting on an event over the Aug. 8 – 11 weekend. Mavis said the outcome of the meeting is that there will be an event, though it may be a “rebranded” as something other than the Dan Emmett Festival.

“The take-away is, there will be an event this year. The people working on this are responsible people,” Mavis said. “If they could get some cooperation from (former festival directors Pat and Sandy Crow) they can move forward with this.”

Mavis said the exact location of the event is also under consideration.

The Crows broke ties with the festival last month. Without their leadership, it was uncertain whether a festival would be put on for this year.

Memorial Day

Veterans wishing to participate in the Memorial Day parade are being offered a free ride.

Mavis said two car dealerships will be providing vehicles for the parade specifically for veterans to ride in. Mavis said there have not been as many veterans participating in the parade in recent years as in the past, and it is hoped that by providing cars more will turn out.

To schedule a ride in the parade, veterans should call the mayor’s office at 740-393-9517 or Knox County Veterans Services at 740-393-6742.

The parade route will follow the same path as last year, and can be viewed on East High Street and East Vine Street east to McKenzie Street.

Traffic on Gay Street and East High will be restricted for the parade, as will traffic on East Vine as far as Division Street. The program will be held on the steps of the Memorial Theater.

Relay for Life will again be held on Public Square this year. It is scheduled for June 21 from 6 p.m. to midnight.


A temporary lime berm at the sidewalk in the intersection of Ohio Avenue and South Main streets has been replaced with asphalt, Streets Superintendent Tom Hinkle said. The lime berm, which was to be a temporary patch while South Main is paved, held up for only a few days.

Hinkle said the asphalt will be pulled out and the sidewalk finished with concrete after the paving is complete.

A stormwater pipe at Mansfield Avenue and Belmont Street was found to be composed of at least three materials after it was dug up for repair.

Hinkle reported that the pipe had sections made of metal, plastic and clay. Approximately 100 feet of 12-inch pipe was replaced, Hinkle said.

The street department has made its last order of road salt under its 2018-19 purchase contract. The 125 tons of salt will bring up the amount of salt in the barn to 1,100 tons, Hinkle said.

The contract requires the city to forecast in April how much salt it will use over the coming winter, then is bound to purchasing at least 90 percent of that amount.

Hinkle said salt prices are up about $3 for the 2019-20 contract, at $86.42 a ton.

Pothole patching is continuing in the city, weather permitting, Hinkle said. Crews are currently on the east end of town and will go to the northeast end when finished there.

A pole for a warning light on Coshocton Avenue that was previously damaged has been replaced.

Hinkle reported street employees were out directing traffic on Sandusky Street Thursday after a truck got caught on utility lines, causing several utility poles to snap.

A section of a large tree in the 600 block of North Gay Street split and fell on a car Thursday night. Hinkle said crews were out late cutting up the section and cleaning up. The car suffered heavy damage from the tree, Hinkle said.

Parks and Cemetery

Construction on the pump room expansion at Hiawatha Water Park is still underway and may continue after the pool has opened, Parks Superintendent Dave Carpenter said. It will not affect opening day, scheduled for June 1.

The pump for the competitive pool is up and running, but parts are being ordered to fix the pump for the leisure pool.

The competitive pool was heated for lifeguard training this spring, Carpenter said.

Knox County Probation will have volunteers out to clean headstones and paint the retaining wall fence at Mound View Cemetery.

The headstone cleaning will involve removing grass clipping from mowing.

Also, volunteers from St. Vincent de Paul will be placing flags on veteran’s graves in time for Memorial Day. The flags will be left up until after the Fourth of July.

Nine circuit breakers had to be replaced by the parks department, eight of them at Riverside Park.

Two college students have started on as summer help with the job of watering trees. The program is supported by a grant from Ariel Corp.


Crews will be out installing radio-read MXU water meters this summer, Utilities Director Mathias Orndorf said.

The crews will be wearing bright yellow shirts and be traveling in city vehicles.

The department has ordered 1,000 MXU units, but have only received about half of them, Orndorf said.

Orndorf cautioned property owners to look out for the MXUs when mowing. They sit about a half-inch above the lid of the water meter, and at least one has been hit already.

Orndorf said that property owners will likely get a pass the first time, but will be charged $170 for each successive MXU destroyed. The charge will be attached to the water bill, Orndorf said.


City Engineer Brian Ball said three 4-inch water taps will be installed as part of the paving project on South Main Street. The four taps will provide service for 21 customers.

South Main will be repaved from Newark to Mount Vernon Avenue beginning next week, Ball said. Paving on the railroad tracks at Parrott Street will be delayed until a project by the rail commission is completed.

The project will raise the track six inches, Ball said, and will require excavation for 1,000 feet “either way” of the intersection.

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