“Ariel(-Foundation Park). There’s just lots of things to do. We visited the new accessible playground. It’s really nice.”

Susan Noland, Mount Vernon

“I’d have to say Memorial Park (in Mount Vernon). That’s where I saw all the good fireworks and watched softball. It had the witch’s hat, which it don’t have no more. ”

Terry A. Fox, Mount Vernon

“I’m just visiting. I used to live in Centerburg. When I lived here, we used to go over to the bike trails, and to Honey Run (Highlands and Waterfall parks) for walks. It has the nice waterfall.”

Vicki Mountz, Anderson, South Carolina

“I’d say Ariel-Foundation Park and Honey Run (Highlands and Waterfall). I’d say it’s self-explanatory. They’re beautiful, beautiful parks. And I’m so disappointed when I see the vandalism taking place. I wish there was more we could do to combat it, and I wish people could understand how important it is to have these beautiful parks.”

Rose Kelly, Mount Vernon

“It’s the one that’s this side of the bridge, just off of 3 — Riverside (park). It’s close and has that playground and everything right there. There’s a shelter for graduation parties and sometimes for birthday parties.”

Jean Harding, Mount Vernon

“I like Wolf Run (Regional) Park and Ariel-Foundation Park. My grandson, who is 5, lives in Lewis Center, Ohio. We like Ariel because of all the wonderful things they’ve done out there. We can take walks and he can throw in his little fishing pole. It’s just a beautiful place for the whole family to go. When my grandson saw the great big smokestack that was there, he said, ‘Grandma, that’s the highest stick I ever saw.’”

Debbie McLarnan, Mount Vernon


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