MOUNT VERNON — Sewer systems rarely sparkle in cleanliness. But Knox County commissioners approved a lease-purchase agreement Thursday with an amount to be financed of $380,638 $442,323 which may end up reflecting more than a few glints from a man-hole cover.

The agreement, sought by county Water-Wastewater director Jeff Pickrell, involve the purchase of a 900-ECO 9 Yard Truck Mounted Combination Sewer Cleaner. It will be paid off over a 12-year period through a National Cooperative Leasing program, with five annual payments of $85,705 each, and seven annual payments of $63,189. The first payment is due 12 months from lease commencement.

Commissioner Thom Collier said the super well-equipped sewer cleaner does its job so well that it will alleviate the Water-Wastewater’s need to contract out sewer cleaning work, as it has done for years.

The Truck Mounted Combination Sewer Cleaner, distributed by ORB Environmental, involves multiple on-board systems and related equipment. The vacuum system alone has nine featured items such as a blower, vacuum hose, dual cyclone separator, remote vacuum relief, analog vacuum display and other items.

And that’s just one system. The boom is hydraulic-powered with a 180-degree working radius. The water system features a 1,000-gallon capacity water tank, and a giant plunger-style triplex functional at 65 gallons per minute with 2,000 pounds per square inch (psi) and 30 minutes of run time. It also has a cold weather recirculation system, a 2.5-inch hydrant fill system, an air purge valve, a low-water warning light and other features. Accessories includes various sizes and types of tubes, hoses and nozzles.

“It has everything but the kitchen sink on there,” commission President Teresa Bemiller said.

Commissioners also approved a Marine Patrol Assistance Agreement for 2019 with the state Natural Resources Division of Parks and Watercraft and the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. The area patrolled is to be Apple Valley Lake. The total cost of the agreement is $30,630 with the state to pay $22,973 and the county’s portion being $7,657.

County commissioners also approved the annual renewal of their liability insurance coverage with the County Risk Sharing Authority (CORSA), in the amount of $226,504, a decrease of 1.12 percent from the prior year. The coverage period is to begin May 1 of this year and end April 30, 2020. CORSA provides a property and liability risk-sharing pool to 66 of Ohio’s 88 counties, said Emily Marth, Knox County’s safety and loss control coordinator. CORSA was represented Thursday by its CEO, John Brownlee, and Michael Percy, who is CORSA’s local claims agent.

CORSA provides liability coverage to nearly every facet of Knox County operations, from the county jail to county vehicles including Knox Area Transit (KAT) vehicles and any claims involving the fault of drivers. The county has about 150 vehicles in use, county Administrator Jason Booth said. CORSA also subsidizes certain purchases made by counties that are deemed important to conduct safer, more efficient business, Brownlee said. For instance, subsidies are provided when the Knox County purchases jail body scanners and body-worn cameras for sheriff’s officers.

A jail body scanner, for instance, improves overall jail safety and security because it acts similarly to an X-ray machine, Marth said, able to detect contraband that some potential jailees might attempt to stow in their bodies and try to pass checkpoints. Because a body scanner is considered important to jail safety, CORSA provides a $10,000 reimbursement toward its purchase.

Law enforcement seminars, as well as pre-employment polygraph and psychological testing of deputies in the process of their hiring, are also considered important safety investments. For that reason, the pre-employment polygraph-psychological testing combination receives a subsidy of $900 per deputy. That is the same amount CORSA gives as a subsidy for some law enforcement seminar attendance.

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Correction Monday, April 8 2019

Jeff Pickrell, superintendent of the Knox County Water/Wastewater District, said in order the save money, the county chose to pay the Truck-Mounted Combination Sewer Cleaner off in seven annual payments instead of five annual payments. The amount of each of the seven payments will be $63,189, with the total cost of the truck to be $442,323 after all payments are made.


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