“Everything can be productive. It’s all in the way you look at it. It’s all political game playing anyway, politicians will also walk away in order to get something else. Trump’s playing the walk-away game. When they want something, they’ll be back.”

— Richard Harvey, New Lexington

“Yes. It never hurts to talk and keep the dialog open. I’m glad he didn’t sign any accords not in our interest. Everyone knows North Korea is playing games anyway.”

— Mark Savage, Valparaiso, Ind.

“Yes. Anytime you’re talking, you’re not doing something else.”

— Harry Popewiny, Mount Vernon

“Yes. It might help a lot, giving them a chance to get more knowledge about what they want. You can decide on something plausible for everybody.”

— Dustina Laymen, Mount Vernon

“It’s always good to talk. Any communication is better than none.”

— Cary Beck, Mount Vernon”

“Talking to a dictator always seems like a dead end street. Sometimes talking is not the way to go about change.”

— Maggie Labraney, Mansfield


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