MOUNT VERNON — Due to an increased amount of work, the Knox County Common Pleas Court system website recently got a much-needed upgrade.

The system, called Courtview, has been updated to keep up with the increasing amount of cases and it will make it easier for the attorneys to file their paperwork, among other things.

“The main reason in updating the software is to allow us to accept e-filing,” said Mary Jo Hawkins, Knox County Clerk of Courts. “Which means, attorneys can email their documents to us instead of bringing them in or having them mailed.”

The office and website designers had to do extensive work behind the scenes and much of it was completed last year. The upgraded software application was then launched two weeks ago — and then adjusted several times since. The new version, had several features removed or altered, which were then returned after discussions among the judge and court system personnel.

Along with attorneys filing paperwork more efficiently, this third version of the software can be used in several other ways including accessibility.

“It’s a web-based product which means it could be opened up. So, if the judge needed to access it from other places, he would able to access it besides from just the courthouse,” said Gail Duplain, software analyst and trainer for the Courtview application.

There are two different versions with content available for different groups of people. By visiting the web site,, the public can look up cases, cases numbers, trial dates and times and other public information. Court personnel, attorneys and other legal representatives can access confidential information not available to the public, if needed.

“They (the public) do look up a lot of their own cases. They follow it throughout the day,” Hawkins said. “To see what’s new, what’s been filed recently, if service has been obtained on the defendant and what the next step is.

“You can see the case,” Hawkins added, “but a lot of things are confidential now. Many of the filings are confidential.”

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