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14 Responses to “How do you feel about drilling for gas and oil in state parks?”

  1. M_Baker

    I’m sorry, but I have very little confidence and trust what oil companies say on this issue (Energy Tomarrow), and also have very liitle trust in John Stossel, who works for FOX and who caters to the far right and business interest.  In addition, Stossel has be discredited for other documentaries he has written in the past. 

  2. Phil Beeman

    Why should we drill in our own country? How would that support terrorists?  The BS about the world running out of oi is a big joke.  And as far as “As long as the majority of the profits go back to the citizens.” Talk about socialism. Really is it not only the oil companies that are raping the public? We all know it is OPEC that controls how high oil sells for.

  3. Squirrely2

    We are 100 percent ‘go’ for drilling for gas/oil in state parks!   This country has to smarten-up and use its resources!!

  4. debbyied

    If it benefits the people of Ohio, fine. Somebody will get rich off this, but it won’tbe the likes of us!

  5. Louise Oliver Sollar

    my husband and i camp every year  at the state parks and i believe that if they were to drill on the state parks properties it will make the prices go sky high.

  6. M_Baker

    I agree with you.  With fracturing being a relatively new process, we still don’t know all of the environmental conseqences that can occur beyond groundwater contaimination.  It doesn’t always result in groundwater contamination, but when it does, the result is usually permanent, or at least will take many decades to improve enough for the groundwater to be potable again.  But even then, the contaminant just moves downstream contaminating someone else’s groundwater before it’s diluted enough to finally be potable.  The other problem with hydrocarbons (gas, oil, etc.) is they eventually “float” to the top of the groundwater column, just like they do above ground, forming a concentrated layer of contamination.  I don’t believe there is any true indicator, or at least enough confidence for someone to say the wells above or downstream of the site will not be contaminated.  If someone tells you differently, they are not telling the truth.

  7. URSilly

    As long as the majority of the profits go back to the citizens but if the oil companies are going to rape the public by pillaging our resources then hands off.

  8. Aaron Young

    Its time we wake up and get real about this.  The world is running out of oil, if we have it we should be using it.  If we arent willing to go get it then were stupid and deserve to be paying $4.00 or more a gallon for gas..plain and simple.

  9. Katie Gifford

    If it makes our country more oil/natural gas independent, then do it. However, find a way to make it so that accidents like what happened with BP won’t happen again.

  10. Josh Harris

     Hydraulic fracturing leads to contaminated wells around the drilling sites which can often be set on fire because of the chemical cocktail used in the process. watch “The passionate eye – burning water” on CBC for a personal account of a farm family in Canada who’s lives were ruined when they leased their lands for drilling. Personally I think it’s a really really bad idea to put profits over people.

  11. Tosha Tarbert

    I don’t think its right. There are enough landowners in  Ohio that would be willing to sell the rights to their land to make a monthly income by having drilling on their lands. Not to mention the fact that there is already an over abundance of oil rigs in the U.S. they shouldn’t have to import it from other Countries or drill on out State parks leave the State Parks to what animals we have left that is not disturbed already by loggers, Transit, Houses, and man!!!