MOUNT VERNON — On Tuesday afternoon, John Freshwater, on his own behalf, filed a complaint, which could also be considered an appeal, with the Knox County Common Pleas Court.



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16 Responses to “Freshwater files complaint with court”

  1. Caline Barbezat Ruggles

    Yet further proof that this man cares only for himself, and cares nothing for the children he professes to love teaching. He is wasting even more of the school district’s money (our tax payer dollars that are SUPPOSED to go towards our children’s educations) as they will have to spend money to defend against another frivolous appeal. It is time, Mr Freshwater, to ‘man up’ and accept that you made a mistake, apologize, learn from it and MOVE ON – THAT is the Christian thing to do.

  2. Mike

    From what I see Mount Vernon Schools are in a helpless state no matter who is teaching in the classrooms, Small town with no jobs teaching kids to be perfect little worker bees in a town that has no potential to keep up with the bigger cities. ig city crime like murders, Robberies, Houses broken in to, Yet nothing for the kids to do, they get chased out of down town from cruising, there is nothing to do for these kids but get into trouble, Their sports program hasn’t produced anything good in years, It is a broken down little town that simply needs put out of it’s misery.

  3. Anonymous

    You are wrong. The referee said he did not include the Tesla Coil incident in his decision. He DID NOT say it didn’t happen!! There is nothing to clear. Mr Freshwater did these things, it is time to live up to it.

  4. Anonymous

    STOP. You’re just blaming the messenger. Freshwater brought this on by his own little self with help from a few cronies in stupid looking hats. His intention is to drive the public school school system into the ground (which aint gonna happen, btw).

  5. Anonymous

    Typical. Blame the messenger. Freshwater brought this on all by his little self with help from a few cronies. His intention is to run the public school system into the ground (which won’t happen, btw) then blame everyone else.

  6. Nicholas A. Jackson

    Interestingly the referee has ruled that Freshwater never burned a cross on a student. To quote the referee R. Lee Shepherd, u201cOnce testimony was presented, it (became) obvious that speculation and imagination had pushed reality aside.u201d It was Columbus Dispatch who initially broke the allegations and escalated this to a furor. Lets hope the MV News helps clear Mr. Freshwaters name. They contributed tons of man hours printing stories about Tesla coils, and branding. The least they could do is revisit the tesla coil and clear the air. 400,000 dollars later and Freshwater labeled a :religious nut warrants this.

  7. Anonymous

    Does anyone believe this man?!? Please, if you hold any sway over this man, convince him to do what is right and stop this nonsense.

  8. Anonymous

    Absolutely pathetic!! The most stubborn, arrogant man in the world. What parent in their right mind would allow their child to sit in his classroom after all this mess. He has shown how he really is, thatn he wants to win every battle, regardless of who it hurts or how long it takes. I get sick when I see his mug in the paper, or on the news, selling apples or anywhere else. I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with this retardedness!!nMr. Freshwater,, move to the moon!

  9. Runningzone

    Freshwater is an embarrassment to Mt. Vernon and our school system. He should be serving time for abusing and burning students. This has gone on too long. Way longer than it should have. He is a poor example of a religious person. He should have learned respect for others rights, opinions, and feelings. You don’t treat students the way he did. He got more respect and time than he deserved. If anything there should be a move to prosecute him for child abuse. You just don’t burn other people and get away with that.

  10. Runningzone

    Freshwater should be in prison for child abuse or felonious assault. He is an embarrassment Mt. Vernon and our school system.

  11. michael

    STOP MR. FRESHWATER. ENOUGH. you’ve had your opportunity. even your small support in the community is done. do your preaching on the streets where you are protected by the first amendment. stop wasting money and time. let’s focus on our kids getting a proper education – not defending against someone who wants to use the classroom as his pulpit. sell apples.

  12. Mike Hunt

    I knew something was up because he hasn’t appeared on Glenn Beck yet and/or gone on the right wing christian martyr circuit.

  13. Anonymous

    Oh give it up, already, Freshwater. The administrative hearing was unprecedented in its length and thoroughness. You had your chance to make you case and you lost. Your years of using the public school classroom for proselytizing are over. I hope the complaints are thrown out, as they’re all clearly ridiculous.