Go to prom glamorous from head to toe



High fashion, low cost

Submitted photo Gabrielle Rudder from Mount Vernon poses in the dress she received from Goodwill Licking/Knox County’s Priceless Dresses and Dreams.Gabrielle Rudder

MOUNT VERNON — Finding the perfect dress, shoes, hair and makeup for prom can quickly turn the hallowed high school experience into an outrageously expensive nightmare. However, with a few small tricks and alterations, the dream prom experience can still be achieved, at a fraction of the price.

A great resource for girls in the Knox County area is Goodwill. Goodwill Unlimited in Heath offers a program called the Priceless Dresses and Dreams program, which offers free vouchers to every school district in Knox County, according to Communications Vice-president of Licking/Knox Goodwill Lisa Baker. Baker explained that 10 vouchers are available at high schools in every district in the county, and dresses can be purchased through the Parrott Street Goodwill in Mount Vernon and the Goodwill Unlimited in Heath.

Submitted photo Samantha Rudder from Mount Vernon poses in the dress she received from Goodwill Licking/Knox County’s Priceless Dresses and Dreams.Samantha Rudder

There are additional opportunities to save, for those who can prove financial need through the Goodwill Unlimited store itself. This flagship store offers over 2,000 dresses at reduced prices in their formal-wear closet. If proof of need cannot be provided, dresses can still be purchased at this store for $15. Tuxedos can also be purchased at the Goodwill Unlimited, but they are not as well stocked as the prom and homecoming dresses.

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Dress to the nines

MOUNT VERNON — Prom season is here and in full swing, with many young women obsessed with finding the perfect dress, hair, nails and date for their school’s dance. Finding the right dress can seem like a daunting task, but with an open mind and some expert help, the perfect dress can be found.

The hottest trends for prom dresses this season are actually quite simple, according to Teri Misener, buyer for Universe Bridal and Prom, located in West Lafayette.“A lot of girls have shied away from the more risqué trends in favor of simple, elegant and sophisticated looks,” according to Misener. These simple looks create a more timeless and classic image with shoppers, Misener explained.

Even traditional silhouettes, like ball gowns, have slimmed down some to create a flowing and not as full look, she said. “Ball gowns will always be in style, girls will always want to look like princesses, but we’re seeing less full Ball gowns out right now,” Misener said.

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Enhance prom style with hair, makeup and nails

MOUNT VERNON — If you are like most, your prom day will probably start well before you meet up for photos and dinner. Making sure you hair and makeup are done to perfection can be a big undertaking. The best way to make your day as stress-free and fun as possible is to plan ahead for hair, makeup, skin and nails.

Generally if you plan to go to a salon for hair, makeup or nails, it is best to make an appointment a few weeks ahead especially if your prom falls on the same day as another school. Ronni Whisner of Aesthetics Spa noted that it will be very helpful for your stylist if you send in any ideas, especially if you are looking for a unique hair-do or specific color of eye shadow a week ahead so that the salon can be sure they have an idea of how to create your look and the products necessary to create it.

If you are more of a do-it-yourself type of person, practicing with a trial run will help you figure out how long your prom look will take to complete and will give you the opportunity to make sure what you are planning looks the way you expect it to. It will take off all the pressure on prom day and help you keep to your schedule so that you don’t have to miss anything or rush anywhere.

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Use flowers to make look unique

Callan Pugh/News  Owner of Flowers For You Sally Wright creates the basis of a corsage with yellow roses, greenery and white ribbon. Corsages and boutonnieres are a traditional accessory for prom and can be designed to match any look.

Callan Pugh/Mount Vernon News

Owner of Flowers For You Sally Wright creates the basis of a corsage with yellow roses, greenery and white ribbon. Corsages and boutonnieres are a traditional accessory for prom and can be designed to match any look. Request this photo

MOUNT VERNON — Boutonnieres and corsages are a prom tradition that can be seen in every movie with a prom scene from Carrie to Napoleon Dynamite. While this accessory is optional, it offers couples an additional way to match, helps accent any dress or tux, and has the added benefit of smelling nice.

According to Cheryl Stricker, floral designer for Flowers For You, in the age of Pinterest, she has seen an influx of customers coming in requesting unique designs or specific flowers. With a bit of planning and research, you’ll be able to find a look that you love that’s perfect for prom night.

Sally Wright, owner of Flowers For You, said that the most common flower used in her boutonnieres and corsages is the rose, specifically white roses because they are able to compliment most dresses no matter how vividly colored they are. Some customers, she explained, will choose more unique flowers such as orchids or calla lilies to stand out from crowd at the dance. Wright also said that, though they are less popular, some customers request miniature carnations or a mixture of flowers.

Lori Amstutz owner of Williams Flowers also receives a lot of orders for spray roses but said that often she gets orders based on color rather than a specific type of flower. While some different shades can be difficult to match, Amstutz said, many customers will choose contrasting colors to make their corsage really stand out from the color of their dress which is a “safe” way to make sure that your flowers complement your look without the stress of finding an exact match.

Aside from the actual flowers, the biggest trend Wright has seen is the addition of “bling.” Though she noted that some prom-goers still opt for a plain wristlet, there has been an increased trend in wristlets that look more like a bracelet with beads, pearls and diamonds rather than an elastic band. However, before you run out and order one, these bracelet-like bands may not stay put as well according to Amstutz who explained that William’s Flowers typically uses “slap bands” which work well for any size person and can be placed higher on the arm for a unique look. Stricker explained that once the basis of the corsage is in place, all sorts of decoration and “bling” can be added to the customers liking. William’s Flowers also typically sees more of a trend towards “bling” but Amstutz noted that there are a fair amount of customers who opt for a more natural look. She also said that outside of the prom season there has been a trend towards flower crowns, which, with trending romantic hairstyles, could make for an outside-of-the-box prom look this year. Amstutz also noted that she has just started to see the beginning of a trend known as finger corsages which fit on the finger rather than wrist and give a unique look.

However, if you are looking for a specific color in the ribbon, wristlet and “bling” it is good to bring in a representation of the color of your dress. Stricker explained that a swatch of fabric or thread from the dress or the name of the color from the dress designer can be enough but also said that it isn’t unheard of to bring in the whole dress either. It may be tempting to just snap a photo of your dress but, if you’re trying to exactly match the color, varied lighting in the photo and in the shop might make it difficult.

Wright explained that typically a shop will be able to pull something together last minute if needed but said that “in a perfect world” orders for boutonnieres and corsages will be placed two to three weeks prior to prom (especially if your prom falls on another flower heavy holiday such as mother’s day weekend.) Amstutz explained that the florist you visit will likely be prepared to accommodate you last minute if necessary but that high demand means fewer options and sometimes will mean a higher price. If you want a more unique type of flower, ordering early will be especially important so that the shop has enough time to order the flowers they don’t already have. Stricker also noted that it doesn’t matter if a couple orders together or separately but explained that ordering together is a good way to ensure that the designs match well.