Second term

Knox County Sheriff David Shaffer, left, was sworn into office for his second term Thursday morning by Common Pleas Judge Otho Eyster.

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Passing the gavel

New Knox County Common Pleas Judge Richard Wetzel was sworn into office Thursday afternoon by Retiring Judge Otho Eyster. Attending the ceremony, among others, including family.

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Beloved Brown

A somber crowd gathered around the Mount Vernon High School spirit rock Thursday night to pay respects to math teacher and former wrestling coach John Brown, who died in a car accident Wednesday while visiting family in West Virginia.

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Tarts a lighter post-holiday fare

Christmas has passed and the new year is right around the corner. After eating so many sweets and rich foods during this past weekend, it might be refreshing to ring in the new year with a lighter, healthier treat, like a rustic raspberry tart.

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