Joshua Morrison/News On Friday, ODOT snow plows were getting fresh loads of salt at the Harcourt Road office. With the forecasted snow on Wednesday, ODOT is getting ready to see what Mother Nature brings to Knox County.

Road salt sticker shock as prices double

Local governments received an unpleasant surprise this fall with the price of road salt. What cost $46.41 per ton last winter costs $83.42 per ton this year — almost double.

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Chuck Martin/News A pair of reindeer from Bella Noel of Bellville greet people at the Utica Christmas Walk Wednesday evening.

Christmas joy arrives in Utica

On a crisp, but clear, Wednesday evening, families flocked to the Utica Christmas Walk, signing up for special raffles, sampling Christmas treats and shopping at local stores.

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End near for Central Powers

As October ended and November began, the position of the Central Powers was crumbling. As mentioned earlier, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire gave up and agreed to armistices that amounted to surrenders.

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