“No, because if they give subsidies to the businesses then they’ll employ more people and improve the economy in this area.”

Carol Hart, Fredericktown

“That’s a dangerous question. Depends on why they’re closing it. If they made an agreement to keep their plant and then failed to meet that agreement then yes they should end the subsidies. But if they attempt to maintain it and can prove that there’s no benefit from it, that would be different.”

John Frame, Mount Vernon

“I don’t know, that’s a question that’s kind of hard to answer. If they close, I really don’t think they should get subsidies. [But] if subsidies would help them stay open and keep people working … If they could [stay open] and keep people working [I don’t think they should cut the subsidies.] But I would have to know why they were closing it. Depends on the situation.”

Doris Neely, Danville

“Yes, because I’m for labor. I formed that opinion after GM had to be bailed out. I used to live in Lansing, Michigan, and I had a lot of friends whose spouses worked at GM and their jobs were really effected by cutbacks at that time. So I think they ought to stop the subsidies and make the companies so that they work properly.”

Mike McMullen, Apple Valley

“My opinion is they ought to be shot — I mean people that up and close these businesses and ship all this stuff over seas to China. We owe China lots of dough, I mean this is crazy you know? I mean they make it cheaper and they make it faster, and it probably is a better product, but they take the money out of the working guys pocket, and then he turns around and goes to the government and they go, especially if you got a liberal, and they go, ‘Oh yeah, we’ll give you money and you want to have more kids? Well, here’s more money, you can have more kids too.’ If they’re going to shut down a plant and move it somewhere else, don’t give them the money. Because we’re not getting the money back.”

Craig Slessinger, Mount Vernon

“I think that it’s a two-way street. I think that if they expect to get they have to give.”

Brenda Berkey, Mount Vernon



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