“I would say my own personal opinion is I don’t want to see people in the school with guns. You know, unless they’re trained. So, if there’s a police officer in the school then that would be good. But I also think that they need to do just like we do in airports. They need to have scanners and those things in the airport that you walk through. And nobody gets in or out unless they’re approved. And we also need to increase our vigilance of those who are at risk. We know that one shooter had mental problems and he passed through and he passed through and he passed through. We need to stop that.”

Betty Fockler, Centerburg

“I think schools have done a good job of making sure that the doors are locked so that random people that are not students or faculty don’t have access to the building during school hours. Obviously, short of metal detectors, there’s always a possibility of a student or faculty member with bad intentions coming and doing bad things. I don’t know that I would [suggest using metal detectors though] because I think that creates a climate that isn’t the most conducive to learning and the students feeling like ‘this is a place that I want to be, to grow and be formed into the person that I should be some day.’ What would be fantastic is if our culture got to the point where no one wanted to kill lots of people at once. That’s the best long-term solution. I don’t know that I know what would be good short term Band-Aids to prevent mass shootings in the short term. But it’s sad.”

Adam Pursel, Mount Vernon

“I think [schools] should hire retired veterans to be on staff, armed and to be someone that’s responsible, that doesn’t have an psych issues and passes a thorough background check to be armed and handle situations.”

Josh Edwards, Mount Vernon

“Gosh, I mean it feels like they’re doing the right thing with having the resource officers. I can’t say I disagree with folks who are talking about letting teachers get trained for concealed carry. Having drills – like they do fire drills and tornado drills – so do drills in the case or the event that there’s an armed or active shooter situation going on so that the kids are trained and know what to do and how to handle it. Training is probably the best answer we have right now.”

Jeannette Harr, Utica

“I’ve never known a teacher that I would trust holding a gun. I would say that much. I was in the military (Air Force Staff Sergeant) and we didn’t even get to carry guns on base so why would I want a teacher to carry guns?”

Chris Willis, Mount Vernon

“I think they should put in metal detectors.”

Connie Jones, Mount Vernon



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