Mount Vernon News
Miscellaneous Farm

1st and 2nd cutting, wrapped, alfalfa silage, 4x5, tested, $50; 1st and 2nd alfalfa and orchard grass, 4x5, $40, Harry Johnson, Butler, OH, 419-565-4664.

Tired of farming around the old fence rows? We will...
• TEAR OUT & HAUL AWAY fence, briars & old fence posts!
• Repair or install new field tile and provide all labor/materials.
• Install culverts and clean out creeks!
Cattle & horse burial

Guaranteed work, bonded
& insured. 740-397-0227

4x6 round bales of hay, net wrapped, 1st cutting, $35/bale, call 740-398-8161.

First cutting mixed hay
$4 per bale
Call 740-398-8604

Third and fourth cutting alfalfa/orchard grass hay, $5.75/bale, delivery available. Call 740-398-7948

Farm Ground to Rent
You Get:
Clean fields, mowed field lanes and right of ways.
We use chicken litter
to build your soil.


Hay: 2nd & 3rd cutting, square bales, heavy, $6-$7 per bale, call 740-397-4429 before 8pm.

IH 966 tractor -$8,500
1 Angus heifer, 700lbs- $800
Call 740-397-3302