Mount Vernon News



Mount Vernon, Ohio


Monday 12:26 pm



Wind: NW at 14 mph

Pressure: 29.86


Cooler with a shower

Cooler with a shower

71° 51 °




An afternoon t-shower
An afternoon t-shower

73° 54 °



Periods of sun, a shower
Periods of sun, a shower

76° 55 °



A p.m. thunderstorm
A p.m. thunderstorm

78° 57 °



A p.m. thunderstorm
A p.m. thunderstorm

81° 59 °


NATIONAL SUMMARY                   
-It was a stormy end to the weekend across the Midwest, Northeast and 
Tennessee Valley as thunderstorms tracked across the region 
throughout the day and into the overnight hours. Damaging wind gusts 
were the biggest threat that these storms brought, with gusts past 60 
mph bringing down trees and causing property damage. Hail ranging 
from the size of quarters to baseballs was also a product of some of 
the storms, with the strongest storms spinning up a few tornadoes. 
These storms left more than 30,000 electric customers without power 
across Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia and caused extensive 
delays at airports along the I-95 corridor. Some thunderstorms 
trailed back from Tennessee into Kansas and Oklahoma, but did not 
produce any severe weather. Dry conditions were seen from Georgia to 
Texas south of the thunderstorm activity, with temperatures running a 
few degrees above normal.          
-Cooler, less humid conditions pushed southward across the Plains 
yesterday, advancing from Montana and North Dakota down into parts of 
Kansas and Colorado. Thunderstorms once again fired over the Four 
Corners and extended into parts of Nevada and California. One of 
these thunderstorms slowly shifted over Colorado Springs, Colorado, 
during the evening hours dropping between 1 and 2 inches of rain in 
under an hour and causing flash flooding in the area. One 
thunderstorm made its way all the way into the Los Angeles area 
during the afternoon with a lightning strike at Venice Beach injuring 
12 people and causing one fatality. This same storm also brought 0.14 
of an inch of rain to the Los Angeles International Airport, the most 
rain the airport has received in one day during the month of July 
since July 12, 1992. The rest of the West was dry with temperatures a 
few degrees above normal.          
SPECIAL WEATHER                    
Remembering Hard Hitting Hailstorm 
An intense hailstorm pounded the business district of Chicago on this 
date in 1898. Numerous horses panicked and bolted, injuring several 
people. None of the injuries were due to the hail hitting anyone. An 
11-ounce stone was the largest measured.
WEATHER HIGHLIGHTS                 
Record Highs from Sunday:          
-Alma, Georgia, tied the record of 99 degrees, originally set in 1968 
and first tied in 2006.            
-Idyllwild, California, set a record of 95 degrees, breaking the 
record of 94 degrees set in 1995.  
Record High Minimums from Sunday:  
-Charleston (downtown), South Carolina, tied the record of 82 
degrees, originally set in 2005.   
-North Charleston, South Carolina, set a record of 80 degrees, 
breaking the record of 79 degrees set in 2005.
-El Cajon, California, tied the record of 69 degrees, originally set 
in 2006.                           
Record Lows from Sunday:           
-Sheridan, Wyoming, tied the record of 45 degrees, originally set in 
-Valentine, Montana, tied the record of 46 degrees, originally set in 
Rainfall Records from Sunday:      
-Oak Ridge, Tennessee, had 2.70 inches, breaking the record of 2.62 
inches set in 1965.                
-Bristol, Tennessee, had 1.70 inches, breaking the record of 1.47 
inches set in 1985.                
-Douglas, Arizona, had 1.66 inches, breaking the record of 1.33 
inches set in 1992.                
-Jackson, Kentucky, had 1.37 inches, breaking the record of 0.98 of 
an inch set in 2007.               
-Los Angeles (airport), California, had 0.14 of an inch, breaking the 
record of a trace set many times.  
-Los Angeles (downtown), California, had a trace, tying the record 
set many times.                    
24-Hour Rainfall Totals, as of 1 a.m. EDT Monday:
Fort Knox, KY   3.04"                              
Oak Ridge, TN   2.70"                              
Raton, NM       2.51"                              
Lancaster, PA   2.19"                              
Harrisburg, PA  2.07"                              
Franklin, PA    2.05"                              
Oscoda, MI      1.92"                              
Bristol, TN     1.70"                              
Douglas, AZ     1.66"                              
Middlesboro, KY 1.60"                              
Middletown, PA  1.56"                              
Westfield, MA   1.49"                              
Naples, FL      1.45"                              
Frankfort, KY   1.41"                              
Wilmington, DE  1.41"                              
Bedford, MA     1.40"                              
Rochester, NY   1.39"                              
Jackson, KY     1.37"                              
Pottstown, PA   1.36"                              
Clarksburg, WV  1.34"                              
Ashtabula, OH   1.31"                              
Albany, NY      1.25"                              
Gaylord, MI     1.24"                              
Knoxville, TN   1.17"                              
DAILY EXTREMES                     
National High Yesterday 118 at Death Valley, California
National Low  Yesterday  30 at Stanley, Idaho
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PLACE              YEAR                  EVENT
New England        1949    Heat wave in New England; the hight temperature
                           in Greenville, R.I., reached 102 degrees.

Atlantic           1990    Hurricane Bertha formed 450 miles east of
                           Jacksonville, Fla. Maximum sustained winds
                           were clocked at 75 mph with gusts to 90 mph.