Mount Vernon News


Mount Vernon, Ohio


Wednesday 9:26 am



Wind: N at 8 mph

Pressure: 30.08


Partly sunny and cold


40° / 29 °

Partly sunny and cold



A snow shower
A snow shower

38° / 22 °


Cold with clouds and sun
Cold with clouds and sun

33° / 30 °


Milder with a shower
Milder with a shower

47° / 44 °


Not as cool with a shower
Not as cool with a shower

58° / 39 °

NATIONAL SUMMARY                   
-The system set to impact Thanksgiving travelers began to move up the 
East Coast Tuesday, spreading rain from Florida to Virginia. 
Temperatures ran above normal across this area with the heaviest rain 
falling over Florida and along the coasts of Georgia and South 
Carolina. Savannah, Georgia; Beaufort, South Carolina; and Tampa, 
Florida, all received over 2 inches of rain from this storm, causing 
some localized flash flooding. Port Saint John, Florida, received 
some of the most rain from this storm, receiving more than 7.5 inches 
on the day. Dry weather was seen across the rest of the East ahead of 
the storm with temperatures returning closer to normal.
-Temperatures ran below normal across the Plains Tuesday as a 
disturbance shifted over the region. This spread some snow over 
northern portions of the region and back across the northern Rockies 
with snow accumulations generally between 2 and 4 inches over the 
Dakotas and back across the Rockies. Rain from this disturbance fell 
s far west as Seattle, resulting in the sixth consecutive day with 
measurable rainfall in the city. Dry weather with above-normal 
temperatures was elsewhere across the West.
SPECIAL WEATHER                    
Remembering New England Hurricane  
-While New England is starting to be impacted by a winter storm, a 
much different story was unfolding over the region back on this date 
in 1888. On this date those many years ago, a hurricane passed inside 
Nantucket, over Cape Cod and later crossed over Nova Scotia. This 
produced wind gusts of 84 mph at Block Island, Rhode Island.
WEATHER HIGHLIGHTS                 
Record Highs from Tuesday:         
-Vancouver, WA set a record of 63 degrees, breaking the record of 62 
degrees set in 1998.               
-Portland, OR tied the record of 63 degrees, originally set in 1977.
-Hillsboro, OR tied the record of 62 degrees, originally set in 1999.
-Millinocket, ME set a record of 59 degrees, breaking the record of 
57 degrees originally set in 1931 and tied in 2004.
Rainfall Records from Tuesday:     
-Daytona Beach, FL had 6.22 inches, smashing the record of 2.43 
inches set in 1972.                
-Tampa, FL had 3.63 inches, breaking the record of 1.65 inches set in 
-Orlando, FL had 2.75 inches, breaking the record of 1.44 inches set 
in 1972.                           
-Savannah, GA had 2.13 inches, breaking the record of 2.01 inches set 
way back in 1889.                  
-Jacksonville, FL had 1.69 inches, breaking the record of 1.45 inches 
set in 1972.                       
-Marquette, MI had 2.7 inches of snow on Tuesday.  While this fell 
well short of the daily record of 7.8 inches set in 1975, this 
brought the monthly total to 50.8 inches.  This established a new 
all-time November record, breaking the record of 48.9 inches set in 
24-Hour Rainfall Totals, as of 2 A.M. EST Wednesday:
Cape Canaveral, FL 7.29"
Daytona Beach, FL  6.23"                              
Leesburg, FL       5.42"                              
Zephyrhills, FL    5.01"                              
Sanford, FL        4.10"                              
Plant City, FL     3.94"                              
Brooksville, FL    3.92"                              
Tampa, FL          3.65"                              
Clearwater, FL     3.04"                              
DeLand, FL         2.98"                              
Orlando, FL        2.84"                              
Crystal River, FL  2.83"                              
Inverness, FL      2.48"                              
Beaufort, SC       2.32"                              
Meacham, OR        2.29"                              
Savannah, GA       2.20"                              
Palatka, FL        2.11"                              
Jacksonville, FL   1.71"                              
St. Augustine, FL  1.64"                              
Charleston, SC     1.52"                              
Tallahassee, FL    1.38"                              
Fort Myers, FL     1.36"                              
Gainesville, FL    1.36"                              
Brunswick, GA      1.15"                              
DAILY EXTREMES                     
National High Yesterday  88 at Punta Gorda, Florida
National Low  Yesterday -15 at Angel Fire, New Mexico
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PLACE              YEAR                  EVENT
Northwest          1949    Destructive windstorm in the Northwest; winds
                           gusting to 105 mph in Cut Bank, MT; 96 mph in
                           Sheridan, WY. Spokane, WA, radio tower downed.
                           Coleville, WA, lumber shed demolished.

Colorado           1983    Thanksgiving Weekend blizzard begins. A total
                           of 21.5 inches of snow in Denver (26th-27th).
                           Zero visibility at Limen, Co, for 24 consecutive