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Tuesday 6:26 pm



Wind: NNW at 3 mph

Pressure: 30.08


Partly sunny


76° / 55 °

Partly sunny



Beautiful with some sun
Beautiful with some sun

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Partly sunny and nice
Partly sunny and nice

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A few morning showers
A few morning showers

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Partly sunny
Partly sunny

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NATIONAL SUMMARY                   
After four days of flooding rainfall across the Carolinas, the band 
of rain tapered off to only spotty shower activity during the day on 
Monday. The heaviest rain on Monday fell in Myrtle Beach, South 
Carolina, which received an additional 3.72 inches. Storm total 
rainfall across parts of eastern South Carolina exceeded 2 feet. A 
stretch of dry weather will build in across the region through the 
week, however, rivers and creeks are expected to rise through midweek.
Meanwhile, high pressure provided a dry day from the Northeast to the 
Steady rain moved across western Texas before weakening as it moved 
eastward across the southern Plains.
An upper-level low pressure system across the Southwest developed 
rounds of showers and thunderstorms across the Southwest. A couple 
thunderstorms dropped hail in White Signal, New Mexico, and 
Cottonwood Cove, Nevada. A thunderstorm in Animas, New Mexico, led to 
downed power lines. Over 1 inch of rain fell in Sedona, Arizona, 
while Las Vegas received about 0.50 of an inch.
SPECIAL WEATHER                    
Winterlike Chill Invades Central US
On Oct. 6, 2001, a shot of winterlike air invaded the Plains leading 
to record-breaking low temperatures. Fargo and Grand Forks, North 
Dakota, both dropped to 19 degrees. Oklahoma City dipped to 37 
degrees, breaking the old record of 40 set in 1976. Temperatures fell 
to 30 F in Dodge City and Garden City, Kansas. Amarillo and Lubbock, 
Texas, fell to 34 F, both setting new record-low temperatures.
WEATHER HIGHLIGHTS                 
-Coastal flooding continued in Merrimon, North Carolina, during 
Monday afternoon. Water levels were 4.5 feet above normal.
--Coastal flooding continued in River Road, North Carolina, during 
Monday afternoon. Multiple homes were surrounded by 2 feet of water.
--Coastal flooding continued on Cedar Island, North Carolina, during 
Monday morning.                    
--Coastal flooding continued in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, 
during Monday morning.             
--Coastal flooding continued in Vandemere, North Carolina, during 
Monday morning.                    
--Coastal flooding continued in Belhaven, North Carolina, during 
Monday morning.                    
--Rainfall return periods indicate flooding over the past several 
days in South Carolina range from a once in 10-year event to close to 
once in 1,000-year event. The most extreme are right along the South 
Carolina coast. It is possible to have a once in 100-year or once in 
1,000-year rainfall event more often than every 100 or 1,000 years 
respectively. A once in 200-year rainfall may not result in a once in 
200-year flood, due to changes and/or improvements of a stream's 
24-Hour Rainfall Totals ending at 1 A.M. EDT (inches):
Oak Island, NC                     2.93                                   
Beaufort, NC                       2.46                                   
Wilmington, NC                     2.45                                   
Manning, SC                        1.73                                   
Hatteras, NC                       1.63                                   
Conway, SC                         1.60                                   
North Myrtle Beach, SC             1.58                                   
Sedona, AZ                         1.34                                   
Bogue, NC                          1.20                                   
Jacksonville, NC                   1.07                                   
Cherry Point, NC                   1.03                                   
South Hill, VA                     0.98                                   
Indian Springs, NV                 0.86                                   
Henderson, NV                      0.85                                   
Durango, CO                        0.84                                   
Bicycle Lake, CA                   0.80                                   
Florence, SC                       0.79                                   
Orangeburg, SC                     0.79                               
DAILY EXTREMES                     
National High Yesterday 93 at McAllen, Texas
National Low Yesterday 19 at Wisdom, Montana
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PLACE              YEAR                  EVENT
Netherlands        1981    An F-28 airliner crashed, killing all aboard
                           after apparently traversing a tornado
                           shortly after take-off.

Rapid City, S.D.   1990    Yesterday, it was 89 degrees; today, it was
                           freezing with snow showers.