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mount vernon, ohio at 10:26 am

L/SNOW 18°

Wind: SW at 12 mph Pressure: 29.84



Windy with snow showers

Windy with snow showers 25/9



Mostly cloudy; very cold
Mostly cloudy; very cold

21° / 9 °


Mostly cloudy and cold
Mostly cloudy and cold

25° / 8 °


Mostly cloudy; very cold
Mostly cloudy; very cold

14° / -3 °


Sunshine and not as cold
Sunshine and not as cold

21° / 12 °



Much of the country will be dry tomorrow as high pressure
over the Colorado Rockies expands into the south-central
U.S. This high pressure will help to keep it sunny from
Southern California all the way to the Carolina coastline. A
weak wave of moisture will be moving into the Pacific
Northwest, bringing with it some cloudy skies and showers
that will reach as far east as the Cascades. The other area
of wet weather will be from the Great Lakes to the
Northeast. While cool winds bring lake-effect snow across
Michigan and western parts of Pennsylvania and New York,
snow showers will extend from northern Maryland through New

SPECIAL WEATHER                    
WEATHER HIGHLIGHTS                 
Snowfall reports (inches) Tuesday/Tuesday night:
Lancaster, PA:   6.5                 
Harrisburg, PA:  5.5                
Shrewsbury, PA:  5.0                
Greencastle, PA: 4.8               
Bloomsburg, PA:  2.5                
Larryville, PA:  2.0                
Uniontown, MD:   7.0                 
Oakland, MD:     8.0                   
Charleston, WV:  2.5                
Sealston, VA:  Trace                
Chardon, OH:     3.0                   
Caldwell, OH:    3.7                  
Morristown, OH:  3.0                
Painesville, OH: 2.0               
Ithaca, NY:      3.0                    
Forecast Wednesday high vs. forecast Valentine's Day high (degrees F):
Boston, MA        37/20                              
New York City, NY 40/19                              
Philadelphia, PA  40/20                              
Washington, DC    41/26                              
Raleigh, NC       42/32                              
Charlotte, NC     41/36                              
Nashville, TN     33/42                              
Detroit, MI       27/22                              
Chicago, IL       17/23                              
St. Louis, MO     26/32                              
New Orleans, LA   57/67                              
Dallas, TX        73/68                              
Denver, CO        58/51                              
Seattle, WA       56/55                                   
Phoenix, AZ       84/86                              
DAILY EXTREMES                     
National High Yesterday  95 at Santa Ana, California
National Low  Yesterday -11 at Gunnison, Colorado
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PLACE              YEAR                  EVENT
Albany, Ga.        1940   An early morning tornado caused $3
                          million in damages, killed 18 people
                          and injured 300 others.

Calama, Chile      1972   A torrential downpour caused catastrophic
                          floods and landslides, isolating the town
                          and cutting off electricity. Prior to
                          this event, the town had been known as
                          the driest place on Earth, having had
                          virtually no rain for 400 years.