President Barack Obama will set the course for drawing down the U.S. war in Afghanistan on Wednesday, when he is expected to announce plans to bring roughly 10,000 American troops home in less than a year.



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2 Responses to “What do you think of the plans to draw down the US war in Afghanistan?”

  1. yobibro2

    If indeed the “drawdown” is going to occur, then I think that the first thing that should happen is the military command, with the consent of the commander-in-chief, Barrack Hussein Obama, should lift all currently imposed “rules of engagement” on all American service men and women. By doing so, it will help to ensure that no American soldier, sailor, airman or marine will have restrictions when engaging the enemy, i.e., don’t return fire if women or children are in the area or structure. It will be an all out “shoot to kill” anything that moves, or call for an “air strike” that will blow the house to smitherines. Such a policy will help to ensure that those GI’s scheduled for the rotation back home will have a chance to actually get out of Afghanistan alive by being able to fight with both hands, not with one tied behind his or back. If, BHO doesn’t do this, then he should be charged with dereliction of duty, and held accountable for the death of any GI who dies as a result of the current and idiotic Obama Administration “rules of engagement” currently in force in Afghanistan. How would you like to be the parent, wife, child or other relative of GI killed in Afghanistan from this day forward knowing your loved one couldn’t immediately fire back on a Taliban hiding behind a woman.

  2. Ginger Jones

    Bring our service men and women home.That part of the world have lived the tribal life style for thousands of years and have been killing each other in their wars.Why all of a sudden has our goverment decided that the world is ready for  our style of goverment,they aren’t,nor will  they ever be.We are not the world police either,people in other countries have to stand up for themselves.Bring all of our troops home..Let our goverment worry about the problems we have here at home.