MOUNT VERNON — John Freshwater, fired Mount Vernon Middle School teacher, has petitioned the Ohio Department of Education to have a letter of admonishment removed from his file and to have his teaching license renewed.



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7 Responses to “Family presents concerns about teacher's license”

  1. he_said_what


    Mr. Freshwater is the one who is acting shamefully.  First of all, he and his attorney have no
    decency plastering the name of that young man all over their recent letter,
    calling him a liar.  They should be sued
    for defamation.  Secondly, I wonder what
    Steve Farmer, Dino D’Ettore, Lori Miller, Donald Newcomer, and Bill Oxenford
    are thinking these days.  It is not John
    Freshwater’s Bible that is threatening them, but rather his willingness to throw
    them all under the wheels of his misguided bus of destruction.


    Your mistaken profession of faith in
    John Freshwater sits here on this discussion board in stark solitude, which I
    take as a good sign – a sign that the tide of public opinion is indeed turning
    against John Freshwater.  Perhaps people
    are finally waking up to the fact that this man has been the liar in this whole
    sordid affair for the past four years.


    Do you, Jessica, need proof?  Are you too tired to sift through the
    hundreds of pages of testimony put forth by the two sides in this “battle” to
    find out the truth for yourself?  Here is
    the only document you will need to read:  If Judge Frost does not convince you that
    John Freshwater and R. Kelly Hamilton are liars, then you are truly blind to
    the truth in this matter.

  2. Miriam StJean

     Jess, for crying out loud, Freshwater was proven to be a pathological liar and a loon.  

    No one’s “threatened” by any Bible – people  don’t, however, appreciate a liar and a loon trying to indoctrinate public school children with his own brand of religion

    As far as that goes, people in society everywhere don’t really have a problem with christianity, in general – it’s the “believers” who try to shove their belief system into every segment of society that’s objectionable.

    For crying out loud, believe what you will……….but leave the rest of us alone, to believe as we wish

    Am sooooooooo very tired of sanctimonious idiots

  3. Mike Hunt

    John Freshwater is directly responsible for every penny this fiasco has cost everyone.   He’s the perfect example of stubborn religious ignorance that everyone needs to see.  He’s no science teacher, anyone who thinks he is should look into his demonstration involving legos and intelligent design.  He’s just another religious nut trying to get his creationist agenda into the public schools.

  4. M_Baker

    I agree with wgwll, this was brought on by Freshwater who clearly violated and challenged MVSB policy and also acted in an unprofessional manner.  This family has every right to voice what they feel.  Religion has absolutely no business being in schools and by Mr. Freshwater placing a Bible on the corner of his desk and then by not following orders to remove it, violated his contract and his right to teach children.  His avocating creationism instead of science he was hired to teach was also clearly a violation of his contract.  I don’t know what FCA is your refering to, but if it involves religion in any way, then yes it should be removed.  

  5. Anonymous

    u00a0It has gotten “rediculous” only because Mr Freshwater has chosen so. This incident happened in 2007, Enough already!! Give it up Mr Freshwater, you were wrong.

  6. Jessica Massa-Crowthers

    This has gotten to be rediculous. Mr. Freshwater was a good teach and a good person and would not endanger his students. It is a shame that people take advantage of our public school system and a persons carreer the way this family has. As to the comments about religion, if parents don’t want their kids exposed to this, they shouldnt have the FCA in schoolsu00a0either. If someone is that threatened by another having a bible on their desk at their place of work,u00a0then don’t look at it.u00a0This has been a sad point for our community and a sad look at what our country in becoming as a whole. u00a0

  7. Docile Jim Brady

    u00a0I am surprised about the “high voltage” focus. The issue, IMO, ought to be on “current.”nnOne can melt a ring off a finger with 24 volts — easily. ask the Army mechanic who inadvertently connected a wrench with twou00a0series connectedu00a0twelve volt batteries and his ring finger.u00a0nnWith low enough current, 50,000 volts is not a big deal.u00a0nnIt is premature to post how all this mess and $ could have been avoided. :-) Wait until the “J. Craig lady” sings. :-)u00a0