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22 Responses to “How do you feel about negative political campaign commercials and ads?”

  1. kmd

    “Bullying” isnt this all over the news today. You are setting a bad example. Maybe if they would focus more on what they can and should be doing,rather then bashing one another, maybe just maybe the world wouldnt be in the condition it is in. I am a register voter,but I dont vote any more because they cant and wont do what they say anyways. Bunch of lying crooks anyways. Seems to me the more $ you make the “stupider” you are. Get a REAL job.

  2. hazeleyes

    If you really look at all the facts, we have become more of a negative society since the new administration. Progressives like to pit groups against each other, so their not directly in the fight. They are getting in groups and they just want to be on the coalition of the strongest set of groups.

    Its very irritating to read and hear negative all the time.

  3. karen hardesty

    I think networks should refuse negative ads. Just how they stand on issues. I do not appreciate being treated as an idiot, as though one person can right the wrongs. I
    would like a limit on what can be spent on ads. I would vote for the candidate that put funding on these ads toward national debt.

  4. Mary

    Just think the outrageous sums of $ being spent by the manipulators if they put it in a kitty and divided it up most folks wouldn’t have to worry about making ends meet! No wonder small businesses are struggling folks are throwing their money away donating for their political cause NOT…they should just throw it away all the good it doesn’t do. Lying thieves everyone of them. Term limits should be enforced. No more campaign financing period, sorry printers, and TV commercials won’t miss your sorry messages. No more pensions for politicians and no more insurance let them pay for these things just like anyone else trying to survive. I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it anymore. You’re all fired!!! Artisans not partisans! Vote for ART!!!

  5. Teresa

    Well said Becky . if the aligations are not true ‘ it should be punishable by law or something to that affect . My husband and I will not vote for Strickland either .

  6. Doug

    What if just one station refused to air political ads, would you watch more TV on that station? Just a thought.

  7. Kathy

    I can’t stand them!!! I just mute the TV or turn down the radio when they come on. Each and every one of them had a hand in the economic problems this country has. But they did vote to cut their own pay. lol What a pack of liars.

  8. Diana

    This has got to stop. They should only tell us what they plan to do if they get elected, not what the other hasn’t done…I only hope if you run for an office in Ohio, you really care about our State, and plan to do the best for the citizens…

  9. Chris

    Don’t vote for a single republican or democrat when you go to the polls! Vote independent and if there isn’t an independent listed write someone in. Until we quit voting for the lying, cheating crooks nothing will change.

  10. Ann

    I am so sick of political commercials I turn them off immediately! It doesn’t matter who’s in office they are not going to do what they say anyway–they are all corrupt, they all lie-bottom line, and they have proven that over time.

  11. Fred S.

    Negative ads are very effective. We are all idiots for responding to them.

  12. coply

    if i was staying in ohio, not moving to kansas i would vote for the ones that at least try to talk about the isssues.. and for you stupid people that hire tel-marketers to call …at least hire people in ohio to do it , not out of state
    putting jobs in ohio ??? start in your own office ,daaah

  13. Karen

    I was tired of them as soon as they started. I am sick of the lies, the implied, and innuendos. Can any of them really tell the difference between the truth and a lie. I’m with Rose, I won’t vote for Strickland!

  14. Becky

    I don’t have a problem with negative campaigning, IF IT’S THE TRUTH that’s being told. If there is something in the candidate’s record or background that is negative and I need to know it, okay. It’s the irrational judgments that are made based on partial truths, rumor, or outright lies that should be illegal.

  15. Squirrely

    They are totally disgusting, and any politician who lowers him- or herself to make a negative ad should never be elected. But, if that were the case, we wouldn’t have anyone to vote for—but I don’t think we really do anyway. How can we fix this mess we’re in????

  16. troubleshooter

    They are absolutely conterproductive.

    When anyone in any situation slings dirt, everyone loses ground.

    Everyone is so busy pointing fingers, that what one stands for is never made clear.

  17. Rose

    I’m really sick of these negative ads. There is so much dubbing of statements and taking comments out of context. It’s difficult to even figure out who is running for which seat. I know I won’t vote for Strickland!