Mount Vernon News

In Loving Memory of...
Nancy L. Vail
Nov. 8, 1948 - July 26, 2005


A precious one is
from us gone,
A voice we loved is stilled.
A place is vacant
in our home,
which never can be filled.

Some may think you
are forgotten,
Though on Earth you
are no more;
But in memory you
are with is,
As you always were before.

All Our Love,
Your husband- Dick
Lisa, Larry, Carter and Lily, Crystal and Elijah

In Memory of
Carmon Weller
on his Birthday

~ July 26th, 1934 ~


Although you left us
over a year ago,
There are a few things
I want you to know.

I miss you so much and
I wish you were here,
We’ll see you in heaven,
there’s no need to fear.

Your life went by too fast,
way too fast for me,
It was a life to remember,
the best it could be.

Each day we spent together,
I was more impressed,

It became clear to me
that my life was so blessed.

Your hugs and sweet
“I love you” I really miss,
And I miss your warm lips pressing mine with a kiss.

Thanks for being our angel,
I wish you didn’t go,
I love you now and forever, more than you know!

Your First and Only Wife
~ Betty ~